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Decoration Capacity Change Please


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Please either increase the Trophy room decoration capacity


also, if you haven't noticed you can't place trophy's on the second floor if you do not have someone else hit the elevator button for you. Please make another option terminal on the second floor.




make the decoration capacity cumulative like how energy and room is for layout. 


I have unused decoration capacity on my lower level halls and if some of that is thus used for the new trophy room then so be it. 


in example you make a cross connector and 2 reactors. The reactors have 15 decoration capacity as well as the cross connector so in total you have 45 decoration capacity that you can use anywhere in the dojo. It would also provide an additional purpose for say the oracle room that everyone seems to want another purpose for. 


I am sure DE wants to have a cap on total decorations as it would affect load time while providing the customization that everyone wants, A unique dojo all to themselves. They also seem to want to make us think and agonize over decisions on mods and this would also be fitting for our dojo. Do I put a tree here or make a statue there?


My original ideas were here on Mar 2



I was a little disappointed they decided to make a trophy room that has a decoration capacity of 15 instead of adding decorations that would have allowed me to make my lower level clan halls into a trophy room. Although, I really like their creativity. 

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I just encountered this too!  How in The Void do you place decorations on the 2nd floor???  There are plenty of wall indentations/nooks, but no way to get your decoration carrying Tenno up there as the elevator will not respond while in 'decoration mode'. 



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