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Guys! I Found A Real Bug!


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So, while farming for beacon on Ceres I was screwing around. I starting sprinting and slide meleeing, I then wanted to see what would happen if I did this:


1: Sprint, then slide.


2: While sliding, I hit my melee button and simultaneously held my melee equip button.


Then behold! Grats to me...Bugged.


I couldn't do anything except use skills and move. No sprinting, meleeing, shooting or picking up anything. Reviving myself after not being revived by another player fixed the bug.

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I found a few problems !!! in the clan I died and not in the dueling, I have used ower 20 t3 ext and no rhino prime bp some ppl get i on the sirst try, when I try to update it always fails, in t1 def i got credids as prise at 5 and 10 and I think also at 15, t3 keys are wayy to rear and guys if you cant handle the updates and get an error dont update more !!

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