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Suggestion: Sheild Mechanic


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im not using forums very offen if not at all, so don't know if it has been suggested before havent been able to find it if so


but anyways.......


im thinkin about a so-called "sheild discharge" mechanic, meaning that when your sheilds gets to 0 and you take 1 or more damage (before recharging) your shield will "discharge" and not recharge untill your tenno in arms comes up and "kickstart" your sheilds again?(or using equiptment)


im writing this because im a big fan of co-op games, and add myself as a spaceninja then im almost in heaven :), however when im playing online with random players i often find myself "racing" through the missions and there by not "fighting" a battle with fellow tenno, its is ofcourse "grinding" that the issue witch is encourged by players for serveral reasons that i dont mind as i do myself, but in that "process" it gives a "monotome" feel playing warframe that i do find sad(but thats me), so i am in the beleif that this "discharge" would make players a little more co-op minded and pay more attetion to there Tenno in arms.


To try and explain more what i mean, ill refere to an observation of my own, for those of you that have been playing in "nightmare mode" the one where sheilds are completly removed, have you noticed how players "stick together" alot more than if they had sheilds? but thats my observation


so putting it out there...........


with kind regards

your tenno in arms





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First of all it's Shield not Sheild.

About your Mechanic, there was an other Game (Borderlands) with the partly the same Mechanic and it wasn't bad, But kickstarting the Shield from another Teammate is trash....think about the Solo Players.


With your Idea we need at least 5 times the Shield we have now to compensate the "kickstart".


There was also a Mechanic to shoot through the Shield without damaging it (with much less Damage, only really effective against Shield heavy Foe's)

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