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More Spectator Space In The Obstacle Course Run


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As of right now, the only place players can spectate from is the start. This makes it really hard to see their competition's progress at one of the hardest parts of the course.


A simple solution would be to utilize all that wasted space in the middle by simply adding some more floorspace you can only access from the start. The same restricting teleport-you-back-to-start invisi-walls would keep players from jumping on the course, and using the platform to skip sections of the course too. It's literally such a simple solution.


Any of you who will pull the 'People are distracting!' complaint should know that Tenno training should involve all scenarios, including progress under pressure. Are there any other reasons not to do this? I feel like this thread might get pushed into the masses of 'please do this' threads already here, but I can at least try to get this out there. Thanks!

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