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Solar Rail Ui?


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So I participated in my first Solar Rail conflict. Joined mid run, saw just in time for an enemy Volt to put up a shield and have his melee out just behind it so it could attack us if we got close. It was named after a player so I thought it was real.



...Then I realized it wasn't as it died stupidly and I proceeded to killed other ones. I noticed a lot of repeating names as I went on and noticed that when I won there was (What I assume to be) the Alliance's leader telling me mission complete and stuff.



This makes me wonder, what kind of stuff can the alliance set for a solar rail? Can they say which tenno will defend it? Does it matter? Can they determine what enemies will be used? can they buff them up? What can they do?

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I don't think they have any control over it. It just uses random names of people from the opposing clan/alliance, I would assume maybe ones that are online or are of a high rank in their clan.


I've not yet owned a Solar Rail, though, so I might be entirely wrong. I just haven't seen anyone say that they can control it.

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