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Can't Take Mastery Test And Also Not Showing Up In My Clan



The mastery test for me doesn't work. I go and try to launch it, and proceed through the menu, but nothing happens. If I relog it tells me that I have to wait 24 hours to take it again. This has been happening for the past few days.


Now on to the clan thing, I tried contacting support about both of these but have no received and answer to either of them.

I am stuck in a clan created by my friends and I. I cannot see my name in the roster nor can they, and I cannot enter the dojo. I think i'm registered in it, but my name has vanished it's so confusing 

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Why black text.  Also it could be related to the ddos and connectivity issues, support is probably pretty busy with thousands of reports from players.

I don't even, i'm new to these forums sorry x: And true that. It's understandable

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