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A Few Bugs


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As of recent hotfixes, I have come across these:


1) Performing an action during a slide that ends it early has the occasional instance of said action going twice the normal distance. This has led me to fall off some platforms whenever I need to slide-jump across or when I try to slide-slash to speed my distance coverage.


2) Parrying some enemy attacks from the front still results in damage. The most prevalent would be the Infestation Ancient's/Grineer Shield Lancer's charge attacks; even though the parry is successful (knockback instead of knockdown), I still lose shields/health. Haven't come across this with parrying of bullets.

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Yeahhhh, it seems like they broke some of the blockable stuff when fixing "scripted" damage. It especially sucks with Ancient Disruptors and Toxic Ancients because their energy-sapping attack and toxic proc can still affect you because you get damaged by it.

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