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What Would Nova Do?


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There exists many threads that attempt to do balancing / reworks of many warframe abilities in order to make them all equally valuable while also nerfing the Extremely powerful abilities.


But I beg to differ. Instead of doing such unnecessary modifications, we should make everyone stronger. I ask, no, I Demand that every Frame be powerful and deliver the wrath of the Lotus upon every enemy in an unreasonable fashion! 


Why? Because we are Space Ninjas! We have Super Powers and can screw the rules!

Thus the name of the topic, which is how we should make the more useless powers to be as destructive as hers (or close without being a carbon copy).

Here's my ideas:



Ash clearly suffers from his ultimate taking too long to kill everything. So instead, it will show two death animations, then immediately kill the other targets. The enemies surrounding the victims will also be stunned or confused (radiation).  Also (possibly) release shuriken on death.



Banshees just in a sort of weird place.. Though her #1 makes a nice knockback, and her #2 is good, as long as people can aim and not using Penta, her other two abilities are lack luster. I'm honestly not certain what to do with silence, besides making Banshee invisible (but not invisible, because Sound).

But her #4 will be one expanding aoe attack instead of a DOT, all enemies hit will be knocked down, take some damage, and the survivors will be afflicted with the new Headache Debuff, causing bleed based on weapon damage, deal reduced damage, and be confused for a short duration. (I thought about just a damage buff on the original ability also)



Volt's kit, while interesting and his #1 provides some stuns, he ultimately falls off in damage. Also his electric shield is the poor mans snow globe. Thus, his overload ability, instead of being your generic aoe attack, will Charge Volt with the wrath of the space gods, making all LMB clicks be volt's #1 (Infamous Style), all RMB clicks will make a shield, and all melee attacks will be replaced by a aoe knockback. Live up to the whole "alternative to gun play" shtick.



People swear by his radial blind, which is A ok with me. But his radial javelin is mostly a suicide attack (his #1 can provide escapes and repositioning at least) and its aim is terrible. So instead, his radial javelin will be a series of rotating swords that deal high slash damage, and empower his other abilities. His slash dash will turn the javelins into a wall of blades, impaling any survivors. Super jump will make them fall like rain around him. Both will deal damage that Javelin would originally do. Not sure about radial Blind. The empowered versions will only occur when you click Q (or some key you dont usually use) so you can keep them as long as possible. If not used, they'll act like a normal radial javelin at the end of duration.



Her kit works pretty well, the bullet attractor was a good idea but useless against enemies with gimmicky invulnerability. Instead of attracting our attacks, it will attract enemy's attacks, including the one under the affect, reflecting them towards the victim. It Won't affect the tennos attacks, essentially letting us take pot shots at the poor sod. 

I've seen some ideas bounced around for her #4 and like the idea of damage being based on number of enemies affecting the damage. I support this, but it would be cool if instead of being pushed towards each other, they were all be pulled into one giant ball of enemies, crushing them together for damage based on # being affected, and then thrown away. Combine with explosives or Vauban Vortex for extra fun.


No ideas on them








Some ideas not OP enough for you? Have your own that sound way cooler or better? Do tell.

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Neky 3rd drops items of any enemy that was dead in that area once 1st punch has a infinite punch through and the more dead in the room the more damage 4th summoned enemys are 5 lvls higher
Ember 1st makes an explosion that shoots off more (not really far) fireballs that stick and do what the fireball we have now do 2nd catches enemy's on fire 5 seconds along with the effect it has already 3rd it starts small and gets much bigger than what we gave now 4th hits all enemys in range and leaves a trail of fire behind her that does dot

Saryn 1st on death all the spore pop so more people get infected 2nd you can have a wall of these skins, no cap 3rd give toxic to you and your team mates and to all of their weapons not just melee 4th for 30 seconds she has a toxic aoe around her

I wont help you with oberon to much work but you can use Nekros Ember and Saryn if you like

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i would have to disagree about this man it is to easy right now we need more challenge currently goin to outer terminus is still easy bcuz of the frames

is say nerf the frames or make the enemies harder to kill, both would prolly be better

This isn't a topic to be taken seriously, but rather as a cheaper method to making other frames more viable by just making them stronger.

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1. Have been personally thinking there should be a small charge implanted on each strike of Ash's ult that detonates once he teleports out, thus even unmarked targets can be damaged, and survival rates would be lowered amongst non-singular victims.


2. Silence kind of does a thing, and if you use it with radial blind in combo, it shuts down all affected targets completely. Banshee's ult should probably be an actual sound thing, ie. be reverberated off of targets and walls, turning them in to loudspeakers of a sort, and allowing echoes/reflections off of surfaces. Thus it would become incredibly powerful in enclosed spaces.


3. Volt's shield is invincible and buffs whatever friendly fire passes through it. It is NOT a "poor man's snow globe". I imagine you haven't played with him much if you think his ult has issues.


4. There's another thread about excal's radial javelin. Posted some thoughts there, but I'm still not sure what would do it justice. Not entirely sure about your remake concept, it sounds like it would require some alterations to base game mechanics.


5. BA already affects enemy fire. Cast it on a heavy gunner and laugh.


6. All nekros needs is more damage on soulpunch. Impact drops of dramatically on most enemies, it really should have an elemental component as well(radiation?) since it's supposed to strike their very soul, not just their face. It took a big hit on the conversion to d2.0. Otherwise, leave my nekros alone!


7. I think oberon's in a fairly good place. His attacks should probably have a proc chance(they appear to not have one), but otherwise, he seems good. Also, personally, I wish he had a bigger/longer trail on renewal--it was a great way to track allies before it was sped up. It needed the speed buff, but the trail didn't increase with it, so it's far too short and faint for any tracking purposes now.


8. Saryn seems to be doing well. She's underutilized, but that should be changing a bit with melee 2.0 now(since she has melee specials). I think mainly she's just... "not cool"? I mean, she does what she does well, and she can do absurd amounts of stacking, scaling damage. She just doesn't have a rep for any "WOW" factor.


9. Ember seems okay?

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