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Life Strike Nerfed In 13.0.6?


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My Life Strike used to be able to heal several hundreds of health in a single channeled attack.


Ever since today, which is the new hotfix, it only heals around 50-80 hp.


I'm fine with the new value, feels more balanced anyways.


But still curious, since I don't recall seeing a Life Strike change listed in the Hotfix, and the Life Strike mod card still shows 20% damage to life on a maxed out Life Strike, which made sense when i healed between 500-800 hp in a single strike because I did do around 2500-4000 damage in a single hit.


EDIT: Actually I think nothing's changed, after doing a few tests I think I know why my healing would drop down so low.


When the amount you heal is determined by how much damage you deal, the maximum damage that can be turned into life is limited by your targets' max health.


(I was healing for hundreds in T3 voids, but only in the tens for Earth survival)

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