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Dojo Tile Idea: Smelter


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I'd like to see a tile where players can put their excess resources towards crafting rarer resources. For instance, using stockpiles of common scrap, circuits, and polymer bundles to craft things like Neurodes or Neural Sensors. Even if its only in small amounts or uses the dojo craft timer instead of being crafted in the user's foundry, having something to do with stockpiled resources would go a long way towards easing the game's resource grind.

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I would definitely like a smelter, and I already have some ideas for it.

1,) allow us to craft several of the same object at the same time. (Forma, detonit injectors, etc.. (Building my ogris took me forever because there were no invasions at that time and i had to build each injector separately) => my reasoning for that is that you can build an unlimited amount of objects in the foundry at the same time providing you have the resources.

This feature could be limited by setting a maximum number of objects that can be built at the same time (possibly different depending on clan tier)

2,) slightly faster crafting time for objects built in the smelter compared to those built in the foundry (maybe 10% faster?)

3,) make all veteran players happy and allow scrapping of weapons (scrapping takes half as long as building, scrapping takes credits but returns catalysts/reactors, forma and gives you a chance to get back rare resources.

=> treat a smelter like a trading post, every clanmember can access it, there is a max capacity (number of objects that can built at the same time, -> if your clanmates are already building stuff you have to wait)

Clans who use this feature heavily would be well advised to build several smelters (like a mountain clan won't only have one trading post)

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