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The Alliance Of Chitsu Hitogoroshi(Such Recruiting Very Japanese, Wow) <Recruiting Clans>


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Hello everyone, we are TheSuperPros clan, of the alliance Chitsu Hitogoroshi. We are a Storm clan, so we have a pretty solid community along with some great chaps that are real fun to hang out with. We really promote ACTIVE playing and try our best to encourage our peoples to expand our fabulous empire. We have been around since the beginning days of Warframe and know all of it's secrets ;) We will be kind and help you out with whatever you need if we can. I intend, as this alliance's leader to make sure that we stick around and become one heck of a awesome Alliance for any clan small or large to flourish and become great some day!


1. The Biggest part!

    The biggest and most important part of our alliance is remaining loyal to ouralliance and making the best and remaining true to our oaths and vows. It is everyone's duty to do their part in making Chitsu Hitogoroshi the best it can be.


2. What's mine is yours and equality

    For any all that assist Chitsu Hitogoroshi in war will be given rewards for their valiant effort for the clan's and wandering lost souls who found in their hearts the kindness too aid us. However! If you join us, we will split our earnings with all. All clans are equal in say, no one more important then another.


3. We are working on it!

   We have completed a solar rail(with another on it's way)! Once we have claimed our rightful place among the stars we shall savagely pillage the landscape of all its resources(meaning we will deploy our solar rail and get awesome stuff from it). We swear to keep the lowest tax possible will still sustaining the alliance.


4. You can be anything you want to!

    Anyone can be in this alliance, it doesn't matter if you only have 5 people in your clan or ton of people. Your clan can be some what inactive, or whatever else you can think of. All are welcome!

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I know... sigh... we seem like really full of our selves douches, but we aren't; we are actually pretty well rounded people. Please, don't judge a book by it's cover, kinda turd move in it's self.

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