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Hey Tenno,

I'm pretty much the luckiest ninja in space cuz I got all #*($%%@ up in the war and now all I do is game all day ervery day and it is as sweet as it sounds. Luckily it was just my head which received the trauma so my charm and good looks are still in tact. Not that I'll be needing those now that I've pretty much moved into the computer room permanently. (btws if you're a vet a.) holler and b.) get on disability).

Don't go feeling sorry for me or anything. I'm like a pro hobo. The last 10 yeahs (I'm 30, probably just a little younger than most of your parents) have been ridiculous and awesome. I got to travel everywhere I ever wanted to and it didn't cost me a dime. But now my banjo is hung up and retired and I'm done with adventuring and I've rediscovered how dangerously addicted to video games I am.

I am totally awesome at killing mobs and I think doing it on Warframe is pretty much the pinnacle of my mob slaying career. I really love this game in like a psychologically unhealthy way. The entire room is covered in theoretical mod builds and drop locations on sticky notes. I haven't shaved in a month and I subside on hot pockets. I have never been happier.

When I'm not busy not doing anything productive I make art. I tattoo and do vinegar etchings on ostrich and emu eggs a la the family tradition.

In game I'm taking it slow and formaing everything way too many times which is atypical of me. I love survivals. I love my rhino but I think Valkyr (both aesthetically and skill wise) is my true love. I've always been all about the melee and to some degree I was playing melee 2.0 before it even came out. I changed all the melee keys to similar buttons on my mouse already and had made pretty good use of a slice you then shoot you in the face with my pistol combo which I still favor.

Anyway, I'm always around so if you need help just hit me up.

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