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Wont Reward Neurodes


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so i needed some neurodes today and i have been farming my a$$ off, after about 2 hours of finding no neurodes i was getting quite frustrated and started to open any crate box etc. withing 5 mins i had a box throwing out a neurode. so i picked it up and to my wonder it didnt show on the pickup msg. right after i found another one, but again no pickup msg. i continued to complete the mission and to my supprise. no neurodes rewarded.  OMG i been busy picking up neurodes for 2 hours just to find them bugged and not getting them rewarded? of course i retried because it could be just a 1 time bug or wotever. but no, when i payed attention to it i found neurodes plenty it just didnt give a pickup msg or reward them.



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Okay, I'm really confused... How can you know you picked up a neurode when it doesn't have a pick up message?

Anyway, I haven't had this problem before, except when I've tried going online with serious lag. But I would still end up with the material.

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