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Melee > Double Tap Movement = Dash


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you can dash only in melee mod:


DASH - each time you double tap any direction you quickly move yourself

cost - few stamina


SUPER DASH - during channeling, DASH go faster and further

cost - few stamina and few energy


SUPER DASH CANCEL - DASH to cancel your actual combo

cost - few energy



DASH STRIKE - DASH then quickly strike with your melee weapon to perform a vertical attack

cost - medium stamina


SUPER DASH STRIKE - during channeling, DASH STRIKE to perform a strong vertical attack

cost - medium stamina and few energy



CHARGE - maintain your guard then dash to stun your ennemy for few seconds

cost - medium stamina


SUPER CHARGE - during channeling, CHARGE to stun your ennemy for medium seconds then quickly strike to perfom a finisher

cost - medium stamina and medium energy




and here comes MELEE 2.1

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