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Casual Clan Looking For Recruits


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Rank 5 casul:


Started my own clan some time ago, called White Raven (yeah, i wanted to be fancy back then). Currently im the sole member of the clan, feels lonely in here. If you'd like to join in you can message me in game or respond in this thread.


to leave things clear here, clan White Raven is a casual clan, members will not get kicked for inactivity unless the clan needs space for other members and all you grineers haven't connected in like 10 months, at which point i might consider kicking. The clan will also not be going super tryhard on events and such, at least not me.


Clan dojo was literally built a few days ago and im not gonna put resources on a clan of 1 man, so currently it's just a clan hall and a soon-to-be-finished reactor, so hopefully we can get an oracle and all those sweet research weapons soon.


I personally edited the ranks to give more freedom to new members, and all ranks can promote others to their own rank

The highest rank (council members) have all the privilages of the warlord, just in case im absent for some time and they need to run the clan while im out.


Timezone: eehh.. never really learned, im down in the south of the big american place. Where people speak spanish

Languages: English and spanish. Hope one day i can learn japanese, that'd be pretty sweet

I usually play a few hours on the weekends, maybe some on the week.


An important rule I will enforce in this clan is that if we ever build a solar rail, the tax will be 0%. And if you, reading right there, own a solar rail of your own, you should also have the taxes at 0%. Don't be A******s, keep the dark sectors free.



-------Tambien hablo español. Asi que si hablas español, tambien eres bienvenido.---------




^That was just some shameless bilingual advertisement, don't worry about that.


First 3 members get council member rank, since we gotta have a council to look after the clan.


So there, I guess i left my message in this world. Feel free to post any questions and i'll attempt my best at answering them, if I can.



Update: The dojo reactor is done, and i created one cross connector. Current dojo plan is to make 3 cross conectors, have all the lateral rooms be the oracle and various labs, and have the end of the long hallway (of the third conector) be an elevator to the unknown (wut?)


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