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Recruiting New Members - Black Lotus - {42/100} [Complete Dojo&research, Website And Forum ]


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Heya there Tennos! I'm ExecutorArtaris the pround leader of the Black Lotus. We are currently looking for new loyal and active members for our clan.



As you can see below, this is our Dojo. It's well equipped and we got al the researches finshed so far, so you can have any clan thech stuff that you want :)



So what we are offer:

- friendly atmosphere 

- helpfull and friendy members

- handfull of clan tech and a big Dojo

- we already got a Solar rail to deploy



Here you can see our emlem:




Recruiement of join:

You don't need any special skills to join us. What we as is :

- be friendly and social

- be active as you can


How you can join?


There are some way to contact us if you wish to join:


Messeage me or skilja through the chat or here in the forum.


You can appy at our Forum and Website too if you wish to join us!


You can also messeage me or skilja at Steam for appy.



Have a good day Tenno! We waiting for you to join us :)

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