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Thine Knights: Pathway To Honor; Now Recruiting!


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Greetings fellow Tenno!


Our small group now has 20 open spots available for our clan. We may not be large, but we do have all research unlocked and a friendly if somewhat snarky atmosphere.


Aside from all research completed we also have the dueling room and obstacle course as well, which will be finished soon (I just re-did the whole domo XD)


Second in command (which is me) is active daily and always willing to help out with missions, tips, farming, and just about anything (I'm halfway to rank 12, so feel free to ask for any advice regarding frames and weapons).



We do have a few requirements however


You must contribute resources to dojo nodes and decorations. Now I'm not expecting you to put forma into it (if you do let me know, you'll get promoted!) but every little bit helps.


You must be friendly and work well with others. Smart &#! comments are welcomed, but no jerks. Its just a game, and we're all about having fun.


Must be at least 16 years old.


Must be willing to use a mic. We like to talk to our team during gameplay. Let's get social! Its more fun when you can actually build a connection with people.



Message me on PSN today! We have 20 spots open, and its first come, first serve! See you in the void Tenno!

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