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So my First Impressions (NSFW link - lots of language. LOL?) were not good. Mostly boiled down to a fairly insane learning curve.

A couple weeks ago I came back, giving it another go. (Again, I like to cuss so beware).

It helped that I poked the chatrooms which net me a dozen or so players trying to help me with anything I needed. (Kudos to the community for that!) A couple of mentors later, I figured crafting out and now I'm on a roll.


I still think the learning curve is insane. Nobody should have to play for several frig'n hours (Am I allowed to cuss on the forums?) to figure out any game. Much less a semi-MMO.
I also lack the general ability to solo pretty much anything past rank 10 missions. I tend to get swarmed, same problem I had in the first link. Even now that I have gear, abilities and experience. None of that seems to matter when I have 20 Moas descending upon my candy &#!.

That's not to say I'm not enjoying myself now. All those problems evaporate even if only one player is in a game with me. Something about having some cover fire when I reload just does wonders.


Anyway. Hi. I'm back.

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As you said for yourself, it's a semi-MMO game, solo was not, is not, and most probably will never be a viable method to play this game, especially for an unexperienced player.

Yet I see people zipping around clearing rooms in the time it takes for me to aim my weapon at something.

Crazy stuff.

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Yet I see people zipping around clearing rooms in the time it takes for me to aim my weapon at something.

Crazy stuff.

You see vets. Matchmaking is not-so-good, so it can throw the guy who ust started to play with a bunch of guys who are killing whole waves of enemies by farting in their general direction.


Try to ask on Recruitment channel, or make a topic on forums, that you want to form a group of new players to progress through the game at your own pace. I never had this problem (in Closed Beta everybody was a newb), but that's the solution I can think of.


Or even recruit one of the vets that can hold back with one-hit killing the whole rooms, to be there to revive you and eventually cast a buff or something. I often visit low-level missions to distract the enemies and buff my teammates, so I can assume, that I'm not the only one.


If ou'll ever have any further questions - PM me. I'm on the forums most of the time, so I'll see the PM.


Oh, and since you are semi-new here, grab a bunch of protips copypasted from my warframe_tips.txt file:



Well, first of all, you may want to check the Wiki. Later you can also use Warframe Builder to browse weapon/frame builds and maybe even submit your own.
Boltor is a good choice for an anti-Grineer weapon. Karak is equally decent against Corpus.
I'd recommend using your Lato to create Bolto, and later Akbolto.
Rhino is a good choice as your second frame - if you have him, you can farm pretty much any mission.
How do you trade stuff with other players? Simple, you need to be in a clan and use Trading Kiosk. And you need to be mastery rank 2 at least.a
Clans? I'm sure you'll find a good clan somewhere. Search on forums. And look for a big clan with every research done, like - for example - AsurO.
As for general tips:
 - Don't sell your weapons untill you level them up to 30, or you'll miss the Mastery
 - Do Survival, Endless Defence and Mobile Defence missions for exp and resources
 - When in any of the defences stay near the objective, or you'll be a door hero
 - Door heroes are even more hated than Leechers, so don't do it
 - When in Survival don't activate the capsule untill the support level reaches ~60%
 - People who are activating capsules early are probably even more hated than door heroes
 - Don't waste Platinum on buying weapons/frames - you can get every each of them during the gameplay
 - If you have spare Platinum buy slots. Lots and lots of slots.
 - I've mentioned Leechers... Leecher is a person that stays at the beginning and does nothing during the mission
 - If you happen to go afk - say that. Simple "brb phone" would do
 - Revive your teammates, unless you'll be put in danger. Or unless they are door heroes or leechers. Then teabag them.
 - Always wait for your team in the elevator
 - If you are the last person in the elevator you should activate it
 - Don't break reinforced glass on purpose
 - Try not to act stupid. It's irritating seeing somebody trying to meele a level 30 Napalm with his Cronus and reviving him constantly
 - Be polite. Unless you are talking to a door hero or a leecher.
 - If you are planing to leave Endless Defence or Survival - always inform your team about it. "Leaving at 15 min" will do.
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Guy who basically spawncamps, who is killing everything as soon as it comes out, not leaving anything to the rest of the team and robbing them even from the shared XP, because most of the time he is staying outside of the XP share radius.

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Well, yes, staying near the door (enemy spawns) on a defence map is door heroing. While in ED or MD you're supposed to stay near the obective. Else, the loot will be spread all over the place and XP will not be shared.

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