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Bugs 2.0...just Sigh


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-Glitched in walls on Ceres

-Glitched Doors wont open

-Prosecutors not spawning after 15-20mins happens every 3 or 4 runs

-Dropped frame rates in certain parts of Ceres tileset due to the rain

-Players still experiencing not being able to move on all maps after being rezzed

-Switching Weapons bugs are now more prevalent with this update

-Glitched into walls while in melee combat with a target

-The Stuck in walls and doors glitch seems to be resurrected

-Frequent Warframe crashes after leaving extract (The Dark Zone has returned)

-Being pushed through the other side of the map (where nothing exists)

-Warframe Crashes when Vauben casts Vortex or Bounce on a specific Tileset in the void

-Falling through the Map on Ceres after in Melee Combat with a target. This is after being Wall glitched in the same manner


Feel free to list any other experiences with the bugs. It seems way buggy and too frequent lately. Thanks in advance for helping me out with the list....but these are just annoying after awhile.


-Wrong Section- I do apologize for the mispost

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i just extracted after a cambria mission.. ships launched..

and i was back in spawn area, constantly falling down, going bakc up. but a bit further away each time until i got out of map and mission ended.

apparently it was only me and others could spectate me :/ weird

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