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  1. Are you sure? I could've swore that grey thing you hid under your sleeve was some of my brain matter running through my ear. On a side note, the guy went on 2 pages and then never answered again, so yes he was trolling. I just refuse to believe there are people this stupid.
  2. What. The. Balls. I'm not sure if I'm suppose to take you seriously or you're just this dense. You're comparing a game that mostly and mainly is PvE... to one of your FPS(this is third person shooter btw) PvPs... I gotta check in with the hospital to make sure I didn't suffer a brain aneurysm.
  3. But yet, again, it restricts because you're asking me to get a top of the notch kitgun, which in my case I can, but not everyone is going to be rank 5 with Solaris United, and with the timegate(or pointsgate) as you rightly pointed out it's going to be an absolute bore to grind it all the way up there. Most of the time it's going to be a case of you're dealt the hand and you have to make the best of with it. Point taken, however you're still required to have high crit weaponry in order for those abilities to even work, spamming volt shields isn't going to do much when the wolf is
  4. Believe it or not, when they were release they were quite ominous. I remember it like it was yesterday, I was on Prime time with Meg, Rebecca and another guy, we were testing Rescue 2.0. Everything was going swimmingly until we arrived at the double doors... G3 appeared, for the first time on all of us. Everyone was shocked and we beginned to panic. The other guy and I were the first ones to go down and they had us locked, megan tried to run inside a cache room but when she opened the door she met one of the G3, went down and got startled so hard she even cried a bit on stream, hilarious st
  5. I'll give you one thing, I'd expect you to throw a tantrum towards my response like most people i've debated with did. I understand your point of view ultimately, however... The fugitives tagging along with him was never something I accepted well at all, on par with them already throwing OTK cocktail molotovs while they're either down, affected by CC and kissing a nearby pretty girl, making them invunerable until the wolf is knocked out is straight up kicking someone in the balls and then insult them for having balls, a.k.a average tuesday on Twitter. While in the past the corpu
  6. Except 1. it's not an unfortunate thing and 2. he isn't strictly complaining about how it's not the same enemy as every other. If that were the case he'd also complain about the Juggernaut who also doesn't have a clear weakspot until he opens himself for an attack, same thing with the lephantis. What do both of those have in common? High damage resistance with a reasonable health pool that can be exploited once people started hitting said weakspot. What does the Wolf of Wall Street have in common? High damage resistance and that's it. His health pool is borderline stupid high, his weakspot, th
  7. Oh yeah, before I forget, here's my masterpiece.
  8. Made 2 threads about this, The problem is not only him showing up, but the fact that when you beat him (if you beat him after the stealth buff) he'll probably drop nothing other than an already existing mod.
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