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  1. I don't understand... The Attica has been out longer, has better stats and, In my opinion, looks more badass than the Zhuge, and you decided to prime the Zhuge? It also baffles me as to why you give Ninkondi Prime better stats in everything compared to the original one, and decide to not only slightly buff the Primed Zhuge, but also nerf in other aspects. Other than that, I was waiting for Atlas Prime first rather than Wukong, but I can wait a bit longer, thanks for the update!
  2. I'm gonna go ahead and assume you read my thread. Thank you, so so much for making an essential resource much less rare than it already was. I can now farm the bloody things better. Great hotfix.
  3. Oh, I'm so sorry, I feel like an idiot now.
  4. nearly 2 weeks before the event ends and just now you're updating the wolf's drop chance. I'm not mad, infact of course I'm grateful, but i hope this kind chore with no reasonable reward is avoided in the future. Good hotfix, thanks.
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