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Mastery Rank 14 Possible Bug / Xp Progress Bar Stuck


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I just found out that my mastery bar are earning any XP.. Its just stuck there with 37983 XP left to the next level 15! I wasted my whole progress today(I polarize my gear 6 times for nothing) by upgrading my gears without getting any XP.. IMG provided for review! Thanks!

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Hey KenCX,


You only get mastery XP for the first time you level gear to 30. The only way to get additional mastery XP is to level new gear.


Sorry about that!


A reasonably easy way to find what gear you have left to level is to go to the weapons tab, in the Codex. If you're sorting by Rank, anything with a star is something you've 30'd. Anything at the bottom of the list (missing a star), you can still gain MXP.

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