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Selling Some Mods And Prime Bps And Parts.

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Arrow Ammo Mutation (unranked): 5 plat

Barrel Diffusion (unranked): 15 plat

Blind Rage (unranked): 20 plat

Burdened Magazine (unranked): 2 plat

Burning Wasp (unranked): 12 plat

Clashing Forest (unranked): 5 plat

Constitution (unranked): 5 plat

Continuity (unranked): 10 plat

Corrupt Charge (unranked): 10 plat

Critical Delay (unranked): 10 plat

Energy Channel (unranked): 5 plat

Fired up (unranked): 10 plat

Firestorm (unranked): 15 plat

Fleeting Expertise (unranked): 25 plat

Flow (unranked): 5 plat

Focus Energy (unranked): 6 plat

Heavy Trauma (unranked): 7 plat

Infected Clip (unranked): 5 plat

Intensify (unranked): 10 plat

Lethal Torrent (unranked): 5 plat

Magnum force (unranked): 15 plat

Magnum force (4/10): 17 plat

Metal Auger (unranked): 5 plat

Natural Talent (unranked): 20 plat

Overextended (unranked): 25 plat

Physique (unranked): 10 plat

Pistol Ammo Mutation (unranked): 5 plat

Pistol Scavenger (unranked): 5 plat

Quick Thinking (unranked): 20 plat

Reaping Spiral (unranked): 10 plat

Ravage (unranked): 5 plat     

Redirection (8/10): 30 plat

Reflex Guard (unranked): 5 plat

Rejuvination (unranked: 10 plat

Retribution (unranked): 10 plat

RIfle Ammo Mutation (unranked): 5 plat

Seeker (unranked): 13 plat

Shimmering Blight (unranked): 15 plat

Shotgun Ammo Mutation (unranked): 5 plat

Sniper Ammo Mutation (unranked): 5 plat

Speed Holster (unranked): 5 plat

Spoiled Strike (unranked): 10 plat

Spoiled Strike (fully leveled): 23 plat

Steel Charge (unranked): 8 plat

Steel Charge (fully ranked):30 plat

Streamline (unranked): 5 plat

Stretch (unranked): 5 plat

Stunning Speed (unranked): 5 plat

Sundering Strike (unranked): 5 plat

Sure Footed (unranked): 30 plat

Tainted Clip (fully ranked): 20 plat

Tainted Mag (unranked): 5 plat

Tainted Shell (unranked): 7 plat

Thunderbolt (unranked): 5 plat

Vicious Spread (unranked): 10 plat

Vital Sense (unranked): 5 plat



Boltor Prime Barrel: 10 plat

Boltor Prime Receiver: 5 plat

Braton Prime Blueprint: 5 plat

Braton Prime Stock: 15 plat

Burston Prime Barrel: 15 plat

Burston Prime Receiver: 5 plat

Burston Prime Stock: 5 plat

Dakra Prime Handle: 5 plat

Dakra Prime Blueprint: 5 plat

Ember Prime Chassis: 5 plat

Fang Prime Blueprint: 5 plat

Fang Prime Handle: 7 plat

Latron Prime Receiver: 5 plat

Orthos Prime Blueprint: 5 plat

Paris Prime Lower Limb: 5 plat

Paris Prime Upper Limb: 10 plat

Reaper Prime Blueprint: 6 plat

Rhino Prime Chassis: 50 plat

Rhino Prime Systems: 5 plat



PM me in-game or here.


I will only be available at 6:00pm - 9:00pm on weekdays

and 12:00pm-11:00pm on weekends     (Philippine time)

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