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Screen Flashing


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I have tried many things to fix this. But when I am playing no matter single player or multiplayer my screen just at random will flash. (or what it looks like to me it minimizes and then opens back up) but I will still be in the game but the button i was holding down the action of that button will keep going. say i was sprinting then it flashed and came back on i would still be running without even touching my keyboard and mouse. I don't know if it a game problem or its my graphics card or installations i have made but I have tried it on about 5 computers and it sill does it I have re installed my OS and it still does it. Can anyone find a solution I can possibly be the only one with this problem

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aiight! that´s indeed a real problem, other then what i was originally assuming. Try the follwing things:


-Update all your drivers, espescially your video card driver, to the newest version!


-check your system specs and compare them to warframes recommended settings, if you´re barely meeting them, turn all settings in game to the lowest possible and see if it helps. If so, work your way up from there to see when the problems start again and adjust back accordingly.


-In the Warframe Launcher you have the option to choose between DX11 or DX9 and to turn on/off Multi-Thread Rendering. Test each option individually and combined, to see if anything improves with gamestability.


Toy around with these settings, i highly doubt it´s Warframes fault. It´s either your PC or false settings. If that doesn´t resolve your problem.... I can´t help you!


Best of luck bro.^^

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