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Hello, all. This will probably be my last post, so I figured I'd pass on a little wisdom.


The feedback forums can be very harsh. Proper etiquette can go a long way in keeping you safe here. If you're new, or are just not sure how to go about giving feedback, I hope this will give you a good guideline on what to do and, more importantly, what not to do.


1) Direct your post towards the developers, not the community. This one is by far the most important. Remember, the point of the feedback forums is to give feedback to the developers. Let the community discuss your post as they please, but always remember you want the developers to read what you wrote, not the community. Never address the community in your original post. It's ok to use the community as a reference (according to this poll, community thinks X thing is overpowered but Y thing is underpowered), but never go beyond that. It can come off as snarky and is an open invitation to flaming. For a good example of this, check out my PvP post I made recently. I made the large mistake of addressing community ideals, and it just came off as snarky and probably elitist. Avoid making this same mistake. The community can say what they want about your idea, but it's whether DE wants to use it or not that's important. Type your post like you're talking to DE_Steve himself.


2) Explain your ideas and goals. Just saying "Soma is OP" is not going to help anyone. That doesn't tell DE what you think is wrong about the weapon, just that you're dissatisfied with it. Instead, say what you think the problem is. "I think the Soma's crit damage and magazine size are too big." Next, give a solution and the goal of said solution. "I think the crit damage multiplier and magazine size should be reduced. This puts it more on par with other top tier assault rifles because X and Y." This will go a long way in giving DE info on why you're upset, while also giving them ideas on how to fix it. Your goals let them know your intentions from the start, which lets them know whether or not it'll fit in with their ultimate game plan.


3) Avoid flaming and trolling at all cost. I know, things can get a little heated sometimes. Getting a simple "No." as response to your idea is frustrating. But please, for your own sake, ignore it at all costs. This refers to the rest of the community as well. Don't even recognize trolls. Just let them feel self-important. When things get heated, it can make you look bad and affect the original intention of your post. I also have a bad history with this. Just read my past comments. It's pretty ugly. Don't make the same mistake as me. Honestly, it's best just to post your suggestion and forget about it. Don't read the comments. Let DE read your idea, and if they don't like it, that's ok too.


4) Just because DE didn't respond, doesn't mean they aren't listening. Unfortunately, Steve doesn't have time to reply to every single thread. That's fine. I'm sure your idea will go around the office eventually if it gets enough momentum.


That being said, don't be afraid of rejection. It's like applying for a job. Don't expect to get one at every place you apply for. Some ideas are hit-or-miss, and that's fine. What's important is that you got it out there to begin with.


5) Spelling and grammar. This one is obvious. If you're not a native English speaker, that's fine. Just be sure to clarify at the beginning. Bad grammar and spelling is just food for trolls.


6) Respect other's opinions. Every once in a while, someone who actually cares to read your topic beyond the title will come and give feedback on your ideas. If you happen to come across one, be sure to reply to them respectfully. Tell them you're glad they took the time to read your idea and respond, and don't be afraid to stand up for your idea. That doesn't mean be rude and disrespectful to them. It means be willing to have a friendly debate with them. Present your ideas in a concise manner. Address the issues they bring up directly. Make sure to point out when you agree with them and like their way better. They're humans too, just like you.


If you follow these rules, you'll find your stay in the feedback forums will be much more enjoyable. People will always disagree with you. Just remember not to get too heated. And if you're to take anything from this, it's to BE RESPECTFUL. This is not your personal rant board. It's a place for ideas to flow freely.

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