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Clearance Sale - Ridiculous Prices

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I simply want to get rid of this stuff so I'll sell everything at ridiculously low prices. And I mean low as in Natural Talent for 10p low.






Friend me / message me on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/rainbowdashu/


If you don't like this way, just message me in-game: thegreg or post here or send me a forum private message.



Warframe mods:


Antitoxin 4x



Diamond Skin 17x

Flow 3x

Fortitude 2x

Heavy Impact

Insulation 3x

Intruder 25x

Lightning Rod 31x

Maglev 5x

Marathon 11x

Natural Talent 3x

Overextended 2x

Quick Rest 21x

Quick Thinking

Reflex Guard

Rush 5x

Streamline 4x

Stretch 46x

Thief's Wit 44

Undying Will 8x

Warm Coat 22x





Corrosive Projection

Enemy Radar

Energy Siphon 4x

Infested Impendance 3x

Pistol Scavenger 2x


Rifle Amp 2x

Rifle Scavenger 3x

Shield Disruption

Shotgun Scavenger

Sniper Scavenger 2x

Speed Holster 2x

Sprint Boost

Steel Charge




Accelerated Blast

Bane of Corpus 5x

Bane of Grinner 7x

Bane of Infested 3x

Burdened Magazine 2x

Charged Shell 4x

Chilling Grasp 15x

Cleanse Corpus

Cleanse Grineer 4x

Cleanse Infested 54x

Contagious Spread 2x

Critical Delay 2x

Cryo Rounds 34x

Eagle Eye 7x


Hammer Shot 3x

Hell's Chamber 3x

Hellfire 15x

Incendiary Coat 4x

Infected Clip 21x

Metal Auger 4x

Ravage 9x

Rifle Ammo Mutation

Serration 5x

Shred 3x

Split Chamber 3x


Stormbringer 2x

Thunderbolt 5x

Vile Precision

Vital Sense 13x

Wildfire 2x





Barrel Diffusion 3x

Gunslinger 3x

Hollow Point

Hornet Strike 15x

Ice Storm 4x

Magnum Force 3x

Pistol Ammo Mutation

Steady Hands

Stunning Speed

Sure Shot

Tainted Clip

Target Cracker 11x





Energy Channel 4x

Focus Energy 2x

Jagged Edge 3x

Power Throw

Rebound 2x

Rending Strike

Smite Corpus 3x

Smite Grineer 46x

Smite Infested 5x

Spoiled Strike 4x

Sundering Strike 14x





Burning Wasp

Fracturing Wind

Reaping Spiral



Prime Blueprints


Frost Prime Blueprint 4x

Frost Prime Chassis 9x

Frost Prime Helmet 3x

Frost Prime Systems


Mag Prime Blueprint

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