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Mod Capacity Broken


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I was upgrading mods I had installed on my trinity when it broke, saying I had 6 capacity left but not allowing me to add any more mods.


Level 14 Potatod Trinity (no Formas)

Going from left to right, my build is as follows.


Aura: Energy Siphon (5)

Top Row: Well of Life (3) | Vigor (0) | Continuity (5) | [empty] | Link (3)

Bottom Row: Energy Vampire (3) | Redirection (4) | [empty] | Blessing (3)


I was using Mod set A and upgraded Energy Vampire from 2 to 3. Afterwards it said I had 6 capacity left but won't let me add any mods.


I switched to set B and equipped all the same mods in the same order but I didn't have enough mod capacity to equip all of the mods.


Then I did the math for the cost and I'm actually at -1 mod capacity.

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