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Do Procs Work Together?



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Procs work together, but they do not combine.


Corrosive Proc and Corrosive Proc together means armor is reduced twice, up to a maximum.


Heat proc will set a target on fire and they will take damage.


Electricity on top of Heat proc will stun the target while they are burning.


Here's why Proc's don't combine: If Heat procced and electricity procced, then the radiation damage that would result could also proc, leading to incredible proc chains and too much complexity. We don't want that kind of complexity, because our game would explode every time 2 people shot at the same enemy.

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I like to see procs have a combo. This would actually make teams of war frames an effective strategy. Right now I feel like it is to much everyone does their own thing and often times it is like a race against the other players to complete your objectives. Honestly I also like to see procs be added from certain abilities (i.e. Volt's shield adding electric proc to bullets), and really take on a new life for some old moves.

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