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[Starmap/trading Concept] Lotus's Palace (Universal Hub)


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As of now the only way to trade is to get trading posts and be in a clan or know someone in a clan. How does that help people who don't have those kinds of benefits?


What I think we should add is a hub that ALL Tenno can access. It would be have a single large room made with the Void (Orokin) tile set, and be a place where the Tenno can meet and greet. Off to the sides we could have separate rooms with trading posts that can be used to trade with other players, that way if you aren't in a dojo and/or don't have access to a trading post, you would still be able to trade with others. It can also just be a hang out spot with maybe dueling rooms and things.


Now I know that may say "Well then clan benefits are useless if they can do all that!" or "I wasted all those materials making those rooms and trading posts, and now you want it so EVERYONE can access them FREE?" and those are really good points. BUT! Clans still get access to the labs, while the Universal Hub would not. It would also not able to be modified by anyone except the Devs to their pleasure. The only thing the public would have access to is the hub, trading posts, dueling room and maybe even the obstacle course, while clans get everything else as well as those. This could also be seen as a preview of a Dojo for those who are thinking of making a clan, and could help them with their decision when they see how neat it is.


As an addition, and this is why I also put in "Lotus's Palace", this could be the place the Lotus herself resides. Either that or where we can stream things like the livestream of the Twitch page. The only downside is that those watching the live stream in WF wouldn't get the benefits of possibly getting the 1k plat prizes.


This will allow EVERYONE to be able to trade, no matter what.


So how does it sound? :D

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Space Station is incoming. DE will get rid of the Solar map and we'll get a huge HUB for everyone to access instead.

hopefully and we could have invasion missions where corpus/grieneer/infested invade the palace

Plus it could have a trading and weapon making facility but a a much more costly price then a caln dojo

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