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The Story Thats Starts In A Very Different Way... There A Story Of One Man, Who Opened His Eyes In The Wrong Time And In The Wrong Place...


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...Abyss. A place where it is impossble to get in and more impossible to get out. This thing... this Abyss in every one of us, She is always there watching us, listens to our thoughts, waiting but always silent. She exists in her own world with her rules, a whole another world ruled by her alone. But she has one weakness: our world. Our material world can affect her, and she can't protect herself here. That is why she needs in protection, she in need of savier. And that is why she created one. A creating with own mind and thoughts but only one purpose - to defend her in this world. She created a mind in Sleepeing Warrior, a mind that knows her ideals, her ways, her own purpose. She created her best protection - a Ghost Of The Abyss itself. 
She knows what happend a very long time ago, and this Sleeping Warrior is just perfect target. It's her own piece of mind which can understand her and hear her, which could feel her powers and use it. Which only one purpose - to protect her and to do so he does not need a reason, he does need no questions, no doubts, he does not know emotion, he does not know no pity and sympathy. He is the Ghost of the Abyss, he is - Deimos.
Deimos had to wake up in one of the Sleeping Warriors, in one of the warriors from ancient times. They are called Tenno and for Deimos this is the best shell. Abyss did what she wanted, she has done its part, now it all depends on the created Ghost.


Something went wrong...


"What is this place? Where am i awaken? Where to go?..."
In of Tenno's head that awoke - it was more then a thousand questions. Whom is these dreams ? Whom is these memories?
He could not understand what had happened to him and why he only remember - emptiness, just emptiness who were talking to him.
He feels very bad after cryo- sleep, but he could hardly recover. Hysterical screaming of siren alarm, quickly brought him to his full senses.
He did not know where to run but he decided to believe in his intuition, and quickly got out of the room with the cryo- chambers.
Grabbing the blade on the floor, he rushed to meet his fate that has prepared for him a strange story.
He will create his own clan. He will find the brothers, and understand what is to have a family.
He will meet what important to him more then life itself, what will reveal his true power.
He learns his fate. He will remember all forgotten and will soon become the first true Ghosts of the Abyss.
But he will be remembered by another name...
His name is - Akvilion.
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