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U13 Sound Bugs Still In Effect In U14.1.3


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My list of sound bugs is a lot bigger than this here, but I have to re-confirm the entire list again since we have a new major update. I hate posting obsolete stuff! :) So this here is just what I caught fresh from this patch. All these are tested for the most recent hotfix:



1) Swing sounds of Grineer Butchers (and Flameblades) do not line up with their actual swings. The first sound in the 3-swing chain is spot on or maybe just a tiny off. The second is delayed, the third even more so.

2) Grineer Scorpions cease playing their swing-sounds when they are in a certain close range to you. If you have a smaller Warframe Scorpions often enough stand a bit too far away to even hit you, thanks to the auto-target melee feature the NPCs are using as well. This helps to clearly hear... nothing!




1) You can repeatedly click the channel button and drown yourself in sound effects, even if you don't actually do anything, sometimes causing a pretty nasty overlay-loop that would last longer than any individual sound should be.
2) The Channeling sound drowns out every other sound in the game for too long.

3) During channeling, enemy shooting sounds are slightly changing when you have your block up, instead of just altering the sound of the actual block.



(I don't know if this is the right place, since it is also related to UI, so I think you rather change UI text than doing a new recording, but the departments work together on that one. So when in doubt, I report double ^^° ))


1) The delay between successfully hacking the console to reset alarms and the voiceover from Lotus kicking in, is too long compared to a regular "door open" hack.

2) Lotus subtitles for killing a prosecutor and warning about one incoming are wrong, they instead display the Hijack mission stuff about rerouting the tram, etc. Fixed, AND wrong section anyway.




1) Counter attacks of Galatine do not have a sound, or rather, the only sound is the nasty "clank" when the damage number comes up, as the body crashes onto the floor.
2) Amphis, Bo & Lecta (presumably Scoliac too) do not have a spin attack sound.


3) Lecta's blocking sound is like just another whip swish when blocking melee attacks, but is a normal metallic block when parrying bullets.

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I'm terribly sorry to have posted this just prior to the wednesday patch, should have waited and verified it first to only provide you accurate information.

I'm sorry, I can't brain, I have the dumb u_u



Amphis, Bo sound fixed. Lecta still missing.

Lecta block sound is a whip slash against melee attacks only, not bullets too.

I need to rephrase the Grineer Butcher swing sound bug a little. The first sound in the 3-swing chain is spot on or maybe just a tiny off. The second is delayed, the third even more so.


All other bugs are still happening. Updated first post with the changes, and removed the line from Lotus with the prosecutors and tram, because that was fixed and is a UI bug, so I shouldn't have even put that in here.

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