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Invisible Barrier In Varro (Ceres Defence) Mission - Trapped Prosecutor


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The last few times I have tried to play Varro defence mission (shipyard tile-set Ceres) there has been a diagonal invisible barrier on the large set of stairs that takes you up to the highest point in the map. You can no longer walk up to the top, but get pushed off the stairs to the right if you try. This barrier can be climbed and wall-run. Not sure how high it is. My Frost could not get up very high before sliding down.


The first couple of times I played the mission with this barrier there, there did not seem to be a big problem (apart from not being able to get to the lockers at the top). The Grineer seemed to be able to walk through it on their way down the stairs.

But the last time I played it, a Prosecutor got stuck in between the two sets of steps and just stood there on the pipes in the middle just above the barrier. We were unable to finish the wave. We could see him, but could not kill him or get to him. Also, when pointing the reticle a him, his details were NOT shown at the top of the screen. He did appear on the mini map though, as the last enemy.

I quit out as the host. Not sure if it helped or not.

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