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* Wrathofthegods's Clan Shop! Please Support! *

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WrathOfTheGods's Clan Shop

Hello tennos and players, This thread is showcasing the various items and hot items that the WrathOfTheGods has come up with. Note that your favour in helping our shop helps to raise funds for the clan which is paramount importance in aiding the construction of the clan/ or the projects which the clan is planning for the future. All the sales are at the lowest price we can offer, so please do not be discouraging towards the clan's attitude in selling the items, we need  as much support as possible that you can give us. If you have any shop items that interests you, please contact the respective members that are in-charge of this shop. 


1) Infinyx

2) AbugiMEno

3) Sonicz


Clan Shop




Mag Prime Chassis

Rhino Prime Systems


Akbronco BP

Burston Prime Barrel

Burston Prime Stock

Glaive Prime Disk

Orthos Prime Handle

Paris Prime Lower Limb

Sicarus Prime Barrel



Boar Prime Set (Without BP) 



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