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Gameplay/melee Concept, Bash Attack


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Ok, so here its is While holding block down pressing the melee attack does a weapon/weapon type specific knock back attack.  *note have to be in melee mode.  Also the little dmg done is impact dmg .  Bigger enemies are affected less.


For example, You could shove the exploding infested away from you before it explodes, 


FIST Weapons like the kogake or ankryos,  will do a quick shove to one enemy. Fist weapons do the weakest (dmg wise) shove/bash but also the quickest. And hits one enemy. However it does push the enemy back the farthest 


DAGGERS  Do a quick punch with the fist holding the dagger/daggers, slower then Fist but has farther range, (can shove enemy that is standing a little further from you).


STAVES Staves can shove multiple enemies back (the Bo can shove 7). They shove enemies farther away than any other weapons but Fist weapons.  (so they are kinda the best crowd knock back weapons, faster then heavy weapons, and push them farther then long swords or daggers)


Long swords/One handed Swords ex. Skana or Nikana      Shoves 2-3 enemies back with the sword from blocking pose.  Medium speed, Medium range, Medium Knock-back/ shove distance 


Kama Simple shove with handle. hits a max of 2


Nami Skyla  A punch with the guard of the sword,  probably use the dagger animation.  Slower but better range than dagger


Heavy Weapons ex. Jet Kittag, scindio, Ether reaper.   A shove with the shaft/haft of the weapon,  Slow, short range, but hits multiple enemies. 


Shield and x Weapons  A back hand with the shield, hits one enemy,  does the most dmg of any bash/shove attack. Its basically your average shield bash. Also stuns the enemy bashed for a really short period of time.



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A defensive nudge attack?


I like it, but I prefer the reverse manuever be implemented first: some sort of offense-defense (attack⇝Block) cancel sequence.

Or even allow parrying with offensive attacks!


I mean, switching from blocking to attacking is already virtually instantaneous, and with the weapons I've used so far, they all stagger the enemy soo...................

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Oh also,  The purpose of this is to add some defensive options to melee other than just blocking.  If I didn't think it would be to complex I would suggest that when shoving back exploding infested they would then dmg other enemies.


Second, Shoving/bashing Shield grineer could be made to open them up for melee attacks. Other enemy specific effects would be canceling some charge up attacks, ex. knocking over those stomp moa's After all they are balancing on one foot 


Thirdly, If it could be implemented (i know enemies don't die when pushed over edges) Knocking enemies into enviromental hazards ex. shoving a grineer into a fire, or pushing a corpus thru cracked glas and have him sucked into space.

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^Maybe its my name BONKfire.


Ok so to clarify a point about this suggested move.   Its not a stun or ragdolling move.  Its to buy yourself some breathing room, or to push away certain threats (exploding infested, etc). It doesn't effect large/heavy enemies I think, and it does little to no dmg, and doesn't knock enemies down just away so you can't exploit it to keep bosses down...

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