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Elemental Damage Combo For Each Faction?


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I usually equip for the toughest enemies of the faction

Radiation for grineer napalm and bombard.

Magnetic for almost all the corpus units

Corrosive for infested toxic ancient & disruptor

ty for answering



wiki is a wonderful tool.

I know that, I looked it up, but there are bunch of combos and I don't know which are the best.

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ive been reading the damage tables all week...check it out


GRINEER get RADIATION for the heavy units alloy armor(bombards and napalms)...they still have health (cloned flesh) so u also use VIRAL...also use a weapon that does PUNCTURE damage.


CORPUS get MAGNETIC for shields and TOXIN for health(flesh)...use a IMPACT weapon for a lot more damage to shields...or a PUNCTURE weapon for a little more damage to robotic health


INFESTED get CORROSIVE for ancients and HEAT for everything else...use a SLASH weapon...or use a PUNCTURE weapon for the ANCIENTS HEALERS(corrosive and heat dont have bonus for them)


CORRUPTED are all the factions combined...try the PHAGE...it comes with VIRAL, so add CORROSIVE for the heavy gunners ferrite armor...and COLD for shields and the lancers alloy armor


TENNO SPECTERS get CORROSIVE for ferrite armor, COLD for shields and SLASH for health


thats it my space ninjas!

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