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Game A Bit Slower After Update 13?


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Ever since U13 came out i noticed my Warframe to load a whole lot slower than it used to.


Before when i started he game from the client it would load pretty fast but now it takes about a min or more to load and there is also a certain lag after the you imput your password to start the game.


Im also having some random lag issues during void missions and its not my laptop cause it Works just fine whit other games i have like LoL, Infinite Crisis, DCUO and Path of Exile.


Anyone else whit this problems?

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So it's not just me...

I've noticed a significant increase in the time it takes for warframe to load after password input. Along with constant disconnections with the chat server (seems to be getting better? but still not the same as before). 


Maybe if enough players post, DE might look into this issue? :D

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