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  1. After days considering different options I finally arrived at an idea with potential and is yet to be exploited by any frame, as a core mechanic anyways. Theme: Enchantments Temporary Name: RUBRIKON (?) The Kit so far: Reforged Ammo (Passive): RUBRIKON customizes all of its ammunitions, converting 50% of its damage to a different element and boosting Status chance by 20%. Passive Details: - Available Elements: Slash, Cold (Undecided), Magnetic - the extra 20% Status chance is additive. Ex: Braton: 6% (Base Status) + 20% (Reforged Ammo) : 26% - This bonus will be added BEFORE any other status chance calculations. Elemental Impulse (1): Deals elemental damage in a cone and an additional effect depending on the element. Holding the key allows to switch between elements. - Slash: Applies a Slash proc and enemies stagger for a second. - Magnetic: Applies a Magnetic proc and Disarms enemies, pulling their weapons in and creating an Omni ammo pack at RUBRIKON feet. Works the same way as any ammo pack. Krauserlols notes It Started with the passive really, at first it was the 1 but didn't want to have an ability slot dedicated to just switch the elements, nor could I figure a satisfying workaround that included the passive and an active. Made things a little too complicated. Then I though about making the first ability to also switch elements as a secondary function while keeping the extra effects as a passive. Keeping things simple and clean. The Passive is built as a double edged sword. It may cripple some players as it actually takes away some of the weapons damage from all elements into an element they might not like or use, or if properly used it can either buff old weapons or allow weapons to have different roles. I feel its about time to have a passive that forces players to switch things around, not just for the warframe build itself but for the weapons while using said Warframe. Things that im looking into - Two or three elements? If two I will keep Slash and Magnetic, but the warframe using an element from each of the three damage types (Physical, Elemental, Combined) does sound cool. Could always leave it for a different warframe. - MOAR ABILITIES! Not all abilities will revolve around the elements. Still dont have much beyond passive and starting ability for now. - Gender? So far I would like to make it Female but have a non standard build, thinking of something like Oberon, Nekros or Harrow, Warframe bio-engineering with a touch of mysticism.
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