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[Serious Petition] For More Than Just 4 Abilities To Choose From For Warframes.


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So im watching the stream and apparently some people dont like that Pirate-frame's abilities have a duration and Scott is now looking to adjust them to be spamable...seriously... this needs to stop.


I build Pirate-frame, i saw what he did, and i developed a tactic around how his powers work and i am working fine with him. I actually hate the pirate concept but the frame has won me over because of the ability set it has. And now everyone who is fine with his abilities are going to get screwed over, again, because some folks dont feel like adjusting and developing different tactics to a different frame.


And i say again because this goes back a loooong time. Rhino was a victim of this, the dude was a CC master and that whole playstyle got screwed over because some people couldn't live without invulnerable Iron Skin. 


Instead of just listening to one group that plays with one specific style and messing up everyone else why not just have bigger book of abilities with different effects that lets people play their frame how they want. Have 12 abilities, 3 of each slot, that all have different functions that lets you customize you frame toward certain jobs. 


I mentioned this since way back when Rhino lost Radial Blast and since then this idea have been brought up again and again. We need to get this pushed forward.

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Hes saying unique abilities that act as alts for the standard ones that dont come with the frame. this would allow for mix and matching and more flexible playstyles 



......actually maybe only i am.......

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Uhh The Dev's already confirmed alt abilities for frames. Like skills that every frame can use and whatnot.


From what i remember they said "general" abilities, like, giving everyone super jump.

Im talking about each frame having 3 complete set of different abilities.


For example;



Ability Set 1


P1 Charge  P2 Iron Skin P3 Roar P4 Stomp v2


Ability set 2


P1 Gore P2 hurricane smash P3 radial blast P4 Stomp v1


Ability set 3


P1 Steel Horn P2 Steel ball P3 Steel kick P4 Steel Storm



And from those sets you can pick whatever ability goes on your P1 slot, P2 slot, etc, etc, to build the set you want.

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I've wanted to see this for a long time. I don't know much about game design so I guess there's a reason it's not in (probably workload related) but I fully back the idea.


This can be done.

After Melee 2.0 where each weapon has 2 stances and all stance have unique combos animations, adding extra cards with extra powers is not such a big feat. It's going to take more time balancing at the beginning but i think this is better in the long run. Right now every few months there's a wave of post complaining about a frame needing balancing but with 3 power sets to choose from this complaining time about powers should be extended tremendously.

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