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  1. Be aware that DE retcons stuff every time they add lore because they never had a base story. Last time I looked into this the tenno are "radioactive" with void energy which why they weren't use. The frames were infested things that the orokin couldn't control. Someone figured out that the tenno could control the frames and channel the void energy safely. So this machine might be what is used to channel the energy? without the heart the energy can't be sent to the frames?
  2. He's a CCer, just add high duration and negative range so you control where things spawn and you're good.
  3. Depends. Inaros' 1st and Equinox's night side 1st are awesome cc abilities.
  4. They are going to start slow. They will likely have 1 or 2 abilities per frames that are going to be transferable. I don't think they are going to let completely change a whole frame.
  5. Watch the game use the "they" pronouns for the frame and never explain why anyone bothers with this with this specific frame.
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