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  1. This requires no workload, just have a contest and the winners get sold as tennogen.
  2. You can keybind all wheel slots. I have mine as Q so i switch to it like i switch with weapons with the press of a key. Also, why arent you killing everything around the scanning area? They always spawn in the same spots. Once you learn the spots there's no need for anything other than walking to the spots.
  3. Oh... i dont have the deploy item so i just have it equipped without being used. But this is the first time im seeing a size difference.
  4. Hey, the simaris codes keep saying they are invalid when i put them both on the site and the game. I tried them yesterday and today and nothing. Is there going to be a fix for this or are these things gone by now?
  5. Has anyone pointed out that people have been asking for this from kubrows since their release? If not, can we get this for pets? We have been asking for this for years.
  6. Another of my ideas gets added to the game. Seriously, you guys need to hire me at this point.
  7. This means you are going have to balance everything around jumping because you know everyone is going to be jumping all the time. You are going to have to cut down that evasion bonus we get when jumping if people jump to travel, jump to shoot, and now jump to cast.
  8. So why? Can you explain why you took away the option to bind channeling to any key and the press /hold option? Why are you limiting us to this specific setup? This setup seems to be built to have melee channeling waste energy.
  9. The bug. The MOA notices a bug on the ground and steps on it with its right foot lifting up some dust. From the dust cloud the bug appears moving to right and the moa steps on it again. Again a dust cloud and again the bug comes out moving to the left. The moa now steps on it several times rapidly and this time nothing comes out. The moa resets and the bug appears crawling from the back of moa's head to the top and then it flies away and the moa looks around sensing something.
  10. We have gotten 2.0s for everything, we are now jumping into melee 3.0, when are we going to jump to stories /lore 2.0? The  info on this new alert thing mentioned new lore and the new story for this current one is some Grineer rebelling... again. The Grineer stories have two kinds, crazy militaristic or rebellion. Come on, DE, don't tell me you can't add a new storyline once in a while. Be inventive with the stories, rebelling is boring at this point when you JUST added that the warframers rebelled, too. Everything rebels in this game, do something else. You know what would make this wolf story interesting? If he turned out to be an actual kubrow! The grineer are building new troops and they are mixing grineer DNA with kubrow DNA. And you can actually do this cause he is totally covered up. We need varied stories, DE! Stop with the rebelling.
  11. I warned you guys about this and you still did it. This is why PC people hate consoles, separate the channeling button from the A-fire button for all that is holy. Let us bind it to whatever we want. And do not do toggling. Holding gave you ultimate control and if this is what you are going for, for this new system why take away control away I do, do fine channeling where i selectively pick who I want to spend my energy on. Press holding made this easy. Toggle is going to be more work by the mere fact that I'm going to have to really look at my frame because toggling always leads to sometimes the toggling not registering. Do not take away press hold.
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