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  1. Be aware that DE retcons stuff every time they add lore because they never had a base story. Last time I looked into this the tenno are "radioactive" with void energy which why they weren't use. The frames were infested things that the orokin couldn't control. Someone figured out that the tenno could control the frames and channel the void energy safely. So this machine might be what is used to channel the energy? without the heart the energy can't be sent to the frames?
  2. He's a CCer, just add high duration and negative range so you control where things spawn and you're good.
  3. They are going to start slow. They will likely have 1 or 2 abilities per frames that are going to be transferable. I don't think they are going to let completely change a whole frame.
  4. Watch the game use the "they" pronouns for the frame and never explain why anyone bothers with this with this specific frame.
  5. People were worried about Sentinels becoming useless and this was DE's answer. When switching Kubrows you have to use your Sentinels for a while. If you are going to blame some one you need to blame players.
  6. No, that's the way it is. Some times one color set is totally dominant. In fact, you should feel lucky that you kept the Lotus pattern the two times you mixed it with other patterns. The two times i did that i lost the Lotus. Besides, now that colors can be bought you get to change those up a bit.
  7. Whatever it was it was better than what we have now. I was doing some Dark Sector Defense and when the host left the game chose me! The rain on top of all the units with all the auras did not help.
  8. Any update on this? Backing out of missions with this new UI is hell so trying to get into mission while not being host is killer.
  9. It's a funny joke which is why they left it. But we already saw the punchline and now it should be moved. From the first time the mechanics were explained the first thought was how fast are people going to actively try to kill the dogs just like people do in all other pet games. And here we have this thread in disguised because we just happen to not have a certain function. This thread was going to exist even if we actually had a delete function.
  10. Yes, i wonder, too, care to explain? This whole thread is everyone screwing around. There are plenty of other threads where actual discussion is happening. Not saying that this thing isnt entertaining to some but this has nothing to do with feedback. The math was already done on how long the dogs last without feeding, we dont need a picture or day-by-day breakdown of it.
  11. this needs to be moved to off-topic because this is nothing but some screwing around.
  12. So they changed the death email? Cause the on the people posted before was from Lotus. And why does it have two different font sizes?
  13. Use two prints from different animals that have the same temp and you will get that temp to come out. It has never failed me, some people say that this is just luck but i have done it since i stopped random hatching and i always get the temp i want.
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