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New Game Mode Idea : Heist [A.k.a. Inverted Survival]


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Today's devstream (#27) and especially mentioning the possibility to craft your own spectre was the reason for this idea.

In survial mode you are the distraction for another agent to steal some stuff, how about turning that concept around?

You get to steal stuff and someone else is your distraction. In this case your own Tenno spectre serves as the distraction.

Instead of placing heist missions on the solar chart I think using an equivalent to the void keys would be better.

The heists could be faction-based as for who the contractor is, increasing your faction standing accordingly if successful.

How does it all work out?

Similar to the survival mode life support bar you get to see a spectre health bar.

While the team's spectres wreak havoc at another part of the map the Tenno must infiltrate the treasury and security sections of the ship/space station/whatever and find the enemy treasurer who has the access codes for the loot the tenno are here for. The Tenno have to keep silent and not raise alarms or the treasurer will flee. Stealth kill are allowed.

On the other hand they must also hurry before their spectres get killed.

In order to keep their spectres going for a longer time they can sabotage security systems like turrets and traps, lock down doors so their spectres have to face less enemies.

Once the tenno get access to the treasury they have to grab the loot and get to extraction.

For added challenge (call it the nightmare mode variant) the Tenno and their spectres share their loadout, so you have to choose which weapons to keep and which ones to give to your spectre.


Ideas? Comments?

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