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A Few Ideas I Thought Of While Watching Devstream 27


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SO I was watching Devstream #27 and I saw the Tenno ship and I had an idea that sounded pretty good, well to me atleast...

a tenno shipyard...
On each MAIN planet that players meet up and take missions that are within that planet. Like you would click on the planet and two options would show, Tenno shipyard or Missions.

you can gather a party up there instead of going to recruiting tab. Just to add on to the tenno ship update/ Star chart 2.0 or what ever you would like to call it.

And again instead of using the Tabs for recruiting, there will be a shipyard set up in the void/ Orokin Direlect.

I was also thinking if that is too big, maybe in the guild dojos, there could be research labs specifically dealing with the Tenno ships/ Alliance ( Or guild ) shipyard.


I like this idea because it would give players a chance to meet more people and clans/ alliances to be more community friendly.


Another idea would be the TENNO... have their own kind of... planet. their own kind of land where players will meet up. it works kind of like a city where again players from around the world would meet up and on this land/ planet the Tenno have access to EACH planet ( void and Orokin Direlect aswell). This planet would be split up into SECTORS so the search for missions would be more specific. players would park their ships in each sector of this Tenno planet specific to what planet they would want to do missions on.

Essentially there would be lobbies for each specific planet For example... Void ( Tower missions ) Orokin Direlect ( OD missions) within this tenno planet.


ALSO. a more trade friendly idea I thought of aswell...

A player to player TRADE post that the ships can access. That would be nice.

The trade post/ planet or where ever this would be...  Would also have these Sectors. like a MOD sector... BP sector... Prime parts sector... Somethin along those lines to organize the trade post better

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I definitely like the idea of having the hubs be planet-specific, rather than one big regional hub that players can group up and choose missions from. then we could have an area for voids and derelicts. I wonder how DE is going to calculate fuel costs for flying to those? because to me, it seems like those could be almost anywhere. I think nearby each planet should be gateways to the orokin void, or to derelict ships, instead of those being concentrated on one spot on the star chart, like they are now (probably a placeholder, but still). because it seems like they could be almost anywhere. or maybe only specific planets have access routes to void and derelict missions

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Yea... my overall mission for the idea was to better organize things.... and not have to force players to blow up the recruit tab/ trade tabs... and have that long list to scroll down for Ps4/ Pc


And I know players can use /w (persons name) but again... trade gets blown up constanly

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