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Can't Lvl Up Mastery Rank From 5 To 6 / My Clan Mates Cannot See Me


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When I try to lvl up my mastery rank from 5 to 6 the message pops out asking " You are qualified for your next rank. If you fail you will need to re-qualify for the test. Are you sure you are ready to be tested? ". I click yes and nothing happens. If I relog it sais " Training can only occur once a day. The test cannot be taken again for (and time) ". I couldn't find any other problem like this on the forum so I made a new topic.


Also my clan mates cannot see me in clan menu and I can't enter dojo because i don't have any clan rank.


I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance.

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Im literally having the exact same problem. the only difference is that I am unranked not rank 5.  I cannot be kicked because I am not in the clan however I cannot join another clan because I am apparently still in the clan. im kind of half in half out. Maybe disbanding the clan will help?

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