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Can't play/click on stuff/help!!!!


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Ok so everything was fine yesterday.

Today i logg in an get some random thing for for relogging cool. That is until I realize clicking on arsenal does nothing. All the other tabs at the top work when I click on them except arsenal. Also when I hover over planets the names do not pop up and clicking on it does nothing. So I can't play, If i log out I'm bought to the log in screen except now I can't intereact with anything on it. I can't click on any of the boxes to type, can't clickon the x to close the game I have to alt tab and close the client.

I'm using the 64bit exe by the way....am I missing something cuz everything else seems to be working except these issues that prevent me from playing.

Noticed I can't even run the exe for the 32bit exe. Says unable to find the Physx libaries or it my not be installed. Which seems right since in the physx folder in the game directory i only see x64 stuff. But whats weird is if i click on the 64bit exe in the game folder it says a copy is running when its not. Now if i open the shortcut i made on my desktop to that exact same file i just tried opening it works.

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I'm getting a similar issue, and there's really not a whole lot to screenshot, because it's all interaction issues that a screenshot can't adequately convey. The Arsenal simply won't come up, and after that you can't interact with anything on the system map. If you log out, then you can't interact with the exit button or the password field, preventing you from logging in again.

A couple of Marketplace items will also display a blank page, which obscures everything and can only be gotten rid of by restarting the game.

I didn't have this issue the first couple of times playing, but it's persisted through multiple recent logins.

Ed: Switching to logging in via the launcher rather than straight-up launching the game via the executable seems to have resolved the issue. For the time being, I think it's best to use the launcher from the start menu or desktop rather than launching the game straight from the exec in the install directory.

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providing a screen shot would be more beneficial

lol screen shot of what? we all know what the log in screen looks like and what the galaxy map looks like. Just picture being able to click on everything working like it used to except the Arsenal Tab and Planets. If you want screen shots i guess.....


This is me clicking on arsenal and nothing working. I do not have all the planets unlocked there should be locks icons on most of these planets


forgot password is not lit up like its suppose to and the line that indicates i can type password word in is missing even tho i clicked on the box


pic of the other tabs working properly but the alert & news missing

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update sumthing weird just happend. the event thing in the top left had sumthing going on this time that i logged on so i clicked on it and it brought me to the mission maps and i clicked accept after seeing the reward. During loading i left and now my galaxy map is how it used to be. It shows the planets that i dont have locked but after i clicked on a planet that was unlocked i'm back to the original problem in my OP with that mission in the top left gone.

Ok so now when i log in planets look like they should be...that is until I click on either the Arsenal Tab or a Planet. refer to the pictures above and below.


how its suppose to look until i click arsenal or a planet


notice how the forgot password is lit up unlike the reference pic above?


this is after i clicked on the alert, it brought me to the mission map and all was good until i clicked arsenal. Notice how it says waiting for 1 vote? **changing online/privite/solo hasn't helped at all on anything

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@Arclane's edit looks like you where right i launched the launcher and it updated my client. The exe must have been outdated.

@Developers why isn't the launcher placed in the game directory I installed it? please move more stuff to the game directory where ppl can find them instead of having them "hidden folders" such as C:\Users\user name\AppData\Local\Warframe\Downloaded\Public\Tools\Launcher.exe, who expects it to be there since i picked to install warframe at D:\games\Warframe, a non "hidden folder"

what happens if sumone removes that shortcut from the startmenu by accident and got rid of the desktop icon? theres no way i would have found the launcher without right clicking on the shortcut and checking the properties

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