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Increase the game's acrobatic flow, add more techniques to stay mobile.


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Hi. My friend introduced me to this game just today and I think it's amazing, I love the feel of it and the flow is really nice. Knee sliding and such really make the game feel ninja-y and it really elevates the gameplay into something a lot more free and loose.

However I won't lie when sometimes I feel the game's pace loses a bit of it's momentum. It seems the only technique that increases the games speed and flow is through knee sliding and flipping. Granted it feels great but it's off-puting when you realize your stamina meter runs out pretty quickly. Suddenly you come to a halt and you are forced to run like a normal third person shooter and it kind of detracts from the whole feel of the game. I think it would be great if the game had a larger stamina meter and featured more techniques to increase the momentum and speed of the game's combat, something that requires practice but makes your characters feel a lot more acrobatic and fast paced.

Also it would be great if the sword combat felt like something more than just mash left click, maybe add a combo system that requires timing, or add a parry system or something like that. Make it so that people's combat ability aren't just based on their stats and gear, add some sort of higher skill celing.

Another thing, although I haven't played anywhere past mercury, it would be nice to see some more open environments, and a lot more enemy variety.

It's nice that you have this gameplay feed back place, I wish more developers would listen to people's suggestions because there are actually people who can put good imput into the game.

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Thanks for your notes-melee flow and expressiveness is definitely important to build upon!

There are 3 enemy factions right now. So more await you. And bosses. We are working on more as I type this.

Definitely more environments are needed. We should have a small set coming pretty soon.

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