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[Solved]Few Seconds Long Freezes When Leaving Ui Tabs, Causing Dissconnection


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For the last three days, approximately one day after Hotfix 13.7.2 my game went nuts, so to speak.


1. Regardless of my equipped frame there is always default Excal on my login screen.

2. All of my settings are gone (defaults to the highest with turned off toggles, team list, smallest in-game UI permitted by the options and so on). They are wipped out each time I login, if changed.

3. Whenever leaving the Arsenal, the Foundry, claiming items from the latter, logging out or confirming options my game freezes for aprox. 10 seconds and I get disconnected from the room or even from the ongoing game if such was present.


There are no changes in the actual performance outside those lags listed above.

I haven't experienced any issues with the Codex or Clan/Friends tab, yet.




I deleted all but one file(launcher) from Warframe's AppLocale and everything is in order.



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