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Need Help Optimizing Loki Prime Build



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I'd replace Radial disarm unless you wanna use it close range on leaders while invisible with switch teleport. And replace Vitality/Steel Fiber with Redirection. Then replace quick thinking and rage with Flow and Rush. 

don't think that's very effective.


But i managed to get a good build going.


This would appear to be the most survivable build, even if


Vitality. But you'll go down in one grenade anyway. 

My advice is that if your Invisibility goes down, stop reviving and reactivate invisibility. This also counts for Iron Skin and Turbulence.

is probably is the best tactic.

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Best bet is QT+Vital+Rage+Redireciton


Flow is kinda meh, because yeah, it adds some 630 effective health, but you need to be energy capped for it to have any affect, and you should only be taking damage if you're low or out of energy, so... as I said, meh.


I would also personally ditch that RD for Decoy, as one is incredibly useful and the other is... not. At least not with -66% Range and R0. Guess which is which?

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