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Dark Sector Rails Acting Wierd?


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I was looking at this one conflict and i noticed that the occupant wasn't taking damage to there rail.  I don't know how damage is calculated but what i do know is that the attacking alliance started with 100,000 credit battle pay reserve with a 1000 pay out.  Last i checked it was at ~60,000 witch means at least 10 groups attacked the rail i would just like to know if that's odd or if it just needed to be attacked more to take 1% damage. The node is Kadesh in Mars

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100,000 reserve at 1000 battle pay

100,000 / 1000 = 100 tickets

60,000 the last time you checked meaning 40 people have collected battle pay.

75 runs = 1% rail health.

you will not see the percentage go down with the UI in game till 35 more runs are completed, or 25,000 reserve is left.

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