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Ive been away from warframe for a while not of my own choosing but now Ive come back 

to sum up my warranty company for my PC kept it for 8 weeks and fixed nothing

so now Im back on an old second hand PC lended to me by a friend and by lended I mean its mine now because he didnt want it anymore because it was old and weak

soo DE can there be an ultra low mode on the settings 

like the current with all settings off but also the textures all look like they do when they are loading in

that would make it so that I dont have to play the game at a frame rate of 10

I know alot of people know what I mean

soo are there any plans or is it a non issue

Also if the new event goes out I hope the new zone is optimized well because I havent missed any event except the snipetron one since I joined the game 


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Tons of good old games that will run on your old machine.

ohh I know I'm a frequenter of GOG

And this PC although it doesnt hold a candle to my old machine can at least run the main games I play warframe and smite. I just mean to ask if DE have any plans for a ultra low mode expecially in the wake of what looks like another Event seeing as I havent missed an Event since I was gravely Ill during the Snipetron Event and I hope not to miss this onw due to not being able to perform at my best due to the lack of a steady frame rate

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