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The Time To Rejoice Has Arrived, For So Long Have I Waited...


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...and then getting shafted when the Grineer won Gradivus Dilemma.

And then waiting all this time for them to take it out of the Disney Vault.


Also gad it took me 5 hours straight to get past 46 points.







okay i die now

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I think all the event mods bring it up to almost 60% then!

Sadly I don't have Virulent Scourge or Voltaic Strike. At least the mod you get with Breeding Ground, Volcanic Edge gives +60% Status Chance at max.


Should make it a good Radiation stick.


If you're using the Stance mod and its Spin2Win attack, the last downward slam after the aforementioned spin2win has a 100% electricity AoE proc. Very nice for large crowds of, say, Infested.


Ooh, thanks for the tip! Haven't been using any Machete types at all, my Sundering Weave is just gathering dust. 

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At least you got Braton Vandal... I don't think they'll pull that one out of the Disney Vault so soon... If ever! (Seriously, ONE WEEKEND in the CBT and i manage to lose the thing, goddamn it!)


That's really unfortunate, how'd you lose it? D:


And for me, it seems that for every fortune there's misfortune. For example: I don't have Wraith Vipers, and the Twin Vipers are my favorite sidearm. Here's to hoping that the Disney Vault will be opened again! 

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