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Thanks For Reminding Me How Much Dot/proc Sucks & Still Have Been Forgotten


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The point that we can get heals doesn't really change the issue (and my personal opinion) that DoT is very annoying and nasty a game mechanic. One which I dislike. I remember DE said they would address the issue of DoT/procs but they never actually did. Forgotten about.


The bleeding proc shouldn't be ignoring your shields and you could go as far as to say toxic damage shouldn't be ignoring your shields either. Another main change that should be addressed is how DoT increases depending on the level of enemies you're facing. I do not believe this should be happening. There should be a damage level set which never increases or decreases. Having toxic/bleeding damage, which lasts for however many seconds, do something like 50HP damage is a terrible idea and it's exceptionally irritating, dampens any fun for me.

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