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  1. Shame you had to slightly touch the Lato Riven. I loved mine the way it was 😧
  2. Agree with the box on the helmet. At the moment it looks rather odd and as if it's just been plopped ontop.
  3. Valiant

    Ducat price tags!

    Or the game should just tell us. Shouldn't be having to do something outside of the game or go to an external source yet again, to find out information.
  4. Valiant

    Fastest way to KO the Pumpkernaut

    Is a bit of a pain. My team made it to extraction bang on 667. Was ridiculous. Doesn't help when the enemy has pathing/stupidity issues.
  5. Valiant

    Operators suits need to be reverted.

    Is this actually mentioned in the patch notes. Any comparison pictures? Would be interesting to know whether they've changed their bodies a bit. Still looking forward to hair updates.
  6. Doesn't work for the pilot challenge. Not at least when I kept trying it.
  7. So glad that Nezha deluxe isn't a shinefest. Good job.
  8. So are you actually going to be having stained glass or something else or nothing at all? Part of me thinks it would look decent with nothing in it either, so it's just a pure metal pattern.
  9. So glad someone is working on frost tennogen... Looks great and hope it works well with his prime, as lacking as his body is.
  10. Valiant

    Guide of the lotus applications

    Please stop being so defensive. It's a public forum. I can easily voice my thoughts just like you do. Nothing wrong with me identifying some of the real reasons people want to be a guide. My point isn't invalid, you just disagree with it and now appear to be making a different one. Regardless, I'm not against a new recruitment wave, but that isn't the point I was originally making. Believe that's me done here.
  11. Valiant

    Guide of the lotus applications

    Think you need to calm it down and stop being so defensive. You've immediately gone on one. I read your quote. Didn't read the exact words you're claiming you have said though, no, because they weren't there. If you're going to claim you said something and try and mug someone off, at least ensure you said it, clearly. As I said, shouldn't be about some fancy cosmetic. It never was in the first place until later and the way you're going on as if you're entitled highlights the problem with such things. There isn't any talking down or any arrogance here... I was just stating my opinion and thoughts on what I believe to be the true point of the guides. Nothing to do with me practicing what I preach, in the game I'm not a guide nor do I actively seek to help new players out, unless they're in my squad etc. If you've become that easily offended by what I've said I would suggest there's an underlying issue behind your dislike for it. The way you've reacted is a bit questionable to me. Either way that hasn't really got much to do with it or the point I'm making. Doesn't change it either. It's a volunteer posting, not some sort of job where you get paid. Either you want to do it or not. Doesn't suddenly mean you're deserving of xyz.
  12. Valiant

    Guide of the lotus applications

    The point of the program was to help players, not get fancy cosmetics. If you gave that much of a hoot about helping players, you shouldn't really have much interest in 'extra goodies' as some sort of reward. To be cliche, the supposed reward is the feeling as if you're helping others, not something tangible. Your efforts are shown that you are a guide and still are one. Don't need cosmetics for that. To an extent it tests the true intentions of people who want to be one and frankly, the cometics shouldn't have been bothered with for obvious reasons now. Nothing stops you from helping players right now, if you're that desperate to do so. The ultimate point of the program is to help new players. But that's just my opinion.
  13. Valiant

    Guide of the lotus applications

    Still fairly sure people mainly do/did it for the 'prestige' and fancy cosmetics.
  14. Valiant

    Prosetisen's Workshop - Excalibur WIP

    Shows how much de are missing out by not allowing you guys to design more than just freakin' operator accessories. Not sure what difference it makes either, they don't produce as many cosmetics themselves anyways, let alone decent ones.
  15. Valiant

    Please fix weapon elemental FX option

    Needs to be fixed but I wouldn't mind it so much if the effects didn't look so out of date and cheap. They look very dated and never really looked good to me. Plus I was never a fan of my frame being partially green due to the corrosive glow.