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  1. Kinda lame as I did hope it would be extended to other frames... Something else zephyr will miss out on apparently. As such I hope they introduce other animations for other frames rather soon then to be fair 🤷‍♂️
  2. Turned off cc a long time ago. Unless we can choose our own tint or get capturas features in normal gameplay (which would be great) I don't ever plan on turning it on again as it definitely hurts the eyes.
  3. Embers actually alright. Frost and mag actually suffer the most imo as they just have the base bodies with little else. At least ember has some additional model alterations.
  4. Brilliant and so true. Love the operator in the background, makes it even better lol. Though I wish embers ability was as good as that.
  5. I know I might be a bit more interested if he had a bigger stock... But it's you guys missing out on business 🤷‍♂️ Don't need a degree to work that out!
  6. I do wish they would take a break from creating warframes for the time being. I still think they're running out of ideas and the abilities usually end up being similar to others. There's not much uniqueness going on right now and it's showing. I think they just like the idea of the asethic of new warframes and new effects and get carried away, forgetting how lackluster the abilities that come with them end up being. I mean how many more abilities can you end up having? It's just generally a mixture of different somewhat altered abilities from other frames now. Nothing usually new.
  7. Part of me feels that they should've held off a bit longer then. Another part of me just thinks it's yet another complaint. While another aspect thinks, it's a single sugatra, no need to get so upset about it. And the other part of me feels yeah it sucks but a discounted bundle would be a better option. But my initial thoughts actually were a bit confused.
  8. I'm sorry what's the issue again? You now want them to have separate accessories to choose from?
  9. I conceded by having my radiation focused paracesis. Made a huge difference when those red crits came in hard and fast. Just had to watch my hp as I got carried away but it dropped him considerably. Issue I have with wolf at the moment isn't his potential tankyness but the drop rate. They're so bad right now, getting rewarded with an uncommon mod? Ugh. I caved and bought what I was missing but I was fed up with it. The time spent killing him and waiting for him to appear and the reward for some people isn't worth it right now.
  10. Agreed. But I think I have most of us have been saying that for years. Opposed to just cheating they should feel what it's like to become utterly bored with their own game due to their own grind.
  11. How about... Making Arb's less boring by having 5 minute rewards opposed to 10 mins? I don't see why you allow your game to be tedious/grindy here and there, especially when the drop rates are horrible too. The rewards don't seem worth the time.
  12. Equipping Paracesis fully geared for Radiation as a backup allowed me to deal with him much better whenever he decided to appear.
  13. Actually interests me but do wonder how bad the drop rate is. Most likely horrific as it's what people are gonna be gunning for the most.
  14. Think fist weapons and other similar ones of it's kind should hit rather hard to compensate for the incredibly short range and risk involved.
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