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  1. Guess I can go ahead and do the outstanding sortie then. (Also, primed salt)
  2. I think it's a teaser for advanced fish AI on Earth. They swim away when you go near them.
  3. It is annoying, but I guess if I was a Kubrow I would have constant loyalty issues with a teenager who keeps ejecting my fellow canines out of the nearest airlock for 25k.
  4. When recruitment opens up again. Nothing really stops you from helping out players now anyways... You don't need to be a GoTL to that. I hardly see them on relays either.
  5. ...Added so much to the conversation with that constructive feedback. Why bother posting if you're going to make such a useless comment? Anyways, I don't see why not. Would give them a little more uniquess ontop of eveything else.
  6. Unfortunately no, you can't. Wish you could (would definitely be helpful for those away from a PC for a few days or even on holiday) but it's not possible.
  7. Pretty much this. Did this for the two challenges I've had recently. It's also important to remember this as well - you need to kill ALL the enemies on exterminate, not just the required amount to trigger the extraction marker. If you leave before all the enemies are dead (those that are highlighted by the red marker on your minimap) the challenge will not recognize it as being complete and you'll have to do it all over again. It's a pain and likely something outstanding from the old exterminate we used to have, but I hope it gets changed eventually.
  8. I even remember Rebecca discussing it on a devstream. That development went well.
  9. If you're going to do a job half-heartedly, don't do it at all. Just because it's an exclusive that is no longer on offer and not everyone has it doesn't mean it should neglected. People didn't pay for neglect. Unfortunately there's other frame's which suffer from this as well. If I look at Frost Prime, especially his backpack, it's rather fuzzy and blocky.
  10. Not sure myself. I've frequently been signed out on the forums here and there but I don't know whether that is due to me recently changing my name and browsers getting confused.
  11. It isn't that funny considering people still play games by EA and ubisoft.
  12. Further to this, I'm not sure how you can really be 'good' at melee. It's mainly e bashing and it doesn't take that much skill to make a build, especially if it works for you. It's rather clear what the usual mods are.
  13. Isn't it the Tenno possessing them though? The Tenno are teeno's and we do go around causing havoc.
  14. Seems kind of weird and also twisted that we are potentially beating down a misunderstood child/person who suffers from disability. Are we the unruly children in a galaxy that is our playground? Guess that would certainly fill the 'dark' aspect frequently referred to.
  15. Nah I'd say they are a blessing. De are unlikely to buff lower tier weapons so this is the closest thing. Also means I can use weapons i like which easily meet a wall with a little more confidence. Looking forward to it, but not so much the grind and potential price mountain we'll undoubtedly encounter for a few of them.