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  1. Zephyr prime next?

    I hope so.
  2. Deluxe Collections for "The Great Fashion Frame Sale"

    Rather disappointed that no Operator cosmetics are discounted.
  3. Please delete :(

    Labour of love.
  4. Did go straight for labour of love. However, WF did kinda suit some other categories so it was a shame we could not vote for the same game more than once.
  5. EA debacle and Warframe

    Do you actually have stats to support this claim or just your own feelings on the matter? You aren't the first to make this bold statement, however, if no one bought them - at all - I imagine De would either remove them or alter them to make them more worthwhile. Kind of like with the revive system. Got the impression it became redundant, let alone unnecessary and shabby, so DE eventually addressed it.
  6. The teralyst sigil

    They should've done this in the first place when we had the issue. I don't see any credible reason as to why they decided not to, especially as they even ended the event early. I got it in the end despite watching numerous boring streams before (let's face it, it is boring to watch someone play a game/update you could easily be playing and WF simply isn't that sort of game) but I doubt everyone got as many chances as some of us. Poorly handled imo.
  7. In all seriousness I would like for rain etc. Effects to be on our warframe. I'd love to see rain falling and sliding down/dripping off my warframe and then all the drops go flying when you do certain moves. Snow effects. Sand effects. Mud effects like on the legs or body after running/rolling. Loads could be done to really add to the visuals and atmosphere of weather.
  8. best and worst looking cosmetic

    Yeah as for worst I'm mixed between this, harrow's and maybe the Nova deluxe one. Both are rather pathetic. Mags syandana might be fair competition here too. Best would probably be misa prime, off the top of my head.
  9. Thing is though... As it gets instantly nuked it really defeats the purpose of it having any combat ability. Might as well just allow us to speed around instead of taunt us with weapons/power combos we won't really be able to experience. This was a chance for DE to make archwing a little more interesting and involved in standard gameplay opposed to feeling like a poorly made mini game. They messed up and I hope they change it and soon.
  10. large dog maybe

    It's not a bug. Just a large/tall kubrow.
  11. TennoGen Round 11 Deadline

    Staff/Polearm, I think they can use the same model anyways? But yeah. Want.
  12. Favens Doodlebox. Harrow WIP.

    Noooo I was so looking forward to the helmet. Have to wait even longer now :(
  13. TennoGen Round 11 Deadline

    Same. Hoping some staff and heavy blade etc. TG have made it in. Some look great and would be nice to have. Hoping for the Hydroid skin/helm and weapon...
  14. Yeah I just wish I had the ability to brake. Instead I end holding back spinning around in circles as I try to direct myself to my intended spot. Which also makes me wish skywing had a much larger vacuum coverage to ease loot grabbing pains. Wonder if it even does as it doesn't seem like it.
  15. Seeling Account

    Good way to not bring attention to yourself though.