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  1. I am expecting another fight with this thing in a different environment.
  2. It's alright but some will seem a bit weird. Did remind me of the custom trails you get in CSS and Gmod servers which can involve a lot of silliness, so it feels somewhat goofy.
  3. Doesn't work for the pilot challenge. Not at least when I kept trying it.
  4. Not sure but it might tip the values of rivens. Could (could) potentially destroy ones people decent find/feel are decent.
  5. Just find it frustrating that sometimes people post threads that just focuses on their side and is filled with 'me me me' and doesn't consider the others feelings. I find it equally insulting that people think loop holes of dual lato and skana's are a cool idea. Is there any actual necessity for such a underhanded thing just to appease those who complain too much? Furthermore the suggestion of founders being given further exclusives in return for what we have... How does one think that trading one exclusive for another is a good idea? Some people didn't pay for xyz, they paid for what was
  6. If they had a toggle for this I'd like Frost's golden chocolate kisses replaced with something else, maybe like golden/sparkling ice wave spikes or something? Or gold/tint stained statues from avalanche? Either way they've always looked bad and unfitting.
  7. Hoping there is no catch... Because it simply was becoming tiring with sometimes painful scaling of health, armour and proc's.
  8. ...You didn't, neither did I, which is why I didn't mention it when quoting your sentence in the first place. Presence of irony here though. ? Discuss. It's a point you made but alright, bye. Calm.
  9. Doubt I've missed it as you've identified what I was talking about in your first sentence. Nevermind that you clearly stated it, it's what I replied to and what you've repeated again. And that is exactly what I was discussing. I'm not saying that some people aren't looking to ego boost, but the general complaints I see in threads such as these are people saying they want to play and kill things themselves, opposed to spectate it all. The issue is that you seemed to suggest it's all about the ego, which is why people complain about Ember, but I sincerely doubt that's the main reason. Not s
  10. Don't believe I did, at least what I was replying to, because your point of the sentence I highlighted was about boosting one's ego with kill stats along with mentioning supposed teamwork play. You go on about experience afterwards but again, you're still saying seeing big kill numbers = ego. I wasn't referring to anything about experience gains which is why I didn't quote/discuss it. Also, you didn't need to mention it (Ember, nuking, fun etc.) because I was expanding on why people may want to kill stuff and not just for e-peen growth. That it's not all about making you feel awesome abou
  11. I was going to say use the slide button more often but it seems you do that already, so I'm partially questioning how well you execute it. To be fair ever since I worked out sliding avoids the whole landing animation I always use it when I can and I've never encountered issues with the game detecting my button pressing or not. Just gotta know the environment and get on that slide button quicker, like an automatic reaction. Only time I've had the animation play is when I've intentionally allowed it or it just wasn't reallying paying as much attention. I can't see them removing it to be fai
  12. Didn't you create a thread before asking what titles/names to give to your subscribers? My senses are tingling ...>_>
  13. Well it's actually not a glitch as the feature is intended. The friendly fire situations only occur when either you or the person in question have been proc'd by radiation, be it in normal missions from lasers or sorties with modifiers. Once the person has been proc'd, it's a free game for all.
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