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  1. Valiant


    Warframe Market man's brother?
  2. Please tell me once we get a two handed katana (I can't remember the proper name) you can submit for this to be a two hander skin too 😮
  3. Valiant

    Any warframe you feel attached to?

    Loki, starter frame and was always my favourite. Frost prime, first prime (excluding excal) for me and I'd joined the game a bit before he was introduced, so still all rather new for me. As such I remember the hard grind for his outstanding parts and his weapon set with great nostalgia. He's been my favourite for a very long time now too.
  4. Valiant

    Synapse rework impressions

    Weird, thought it was always corrosive, my bad.
  5. Valiant

    Synapse rework impressions

    Confused. What's happened to the look of the synapse? It seems the same to me and it's corrosive, like it's always been?
  6. Valiant

    Venari Bodyguard

    Please. Haven't properly played in a while and thought AI had been or may have been improved a while ago. Until I saw a Kubrow yesterday, standing still in an ospreys mine radius, stamping its feet on the floor and then proceeded to dig up something. Good timing that and a solid priority. If other games can do it, surely WF can. It just needs to be given some proper attention.
  7. Valiant

    Prime Access Holiday Noggles

    @[DE]Drew Loving the prime noggles, but I'm still missing a few, like Oberon, Nyx and Nova, for example. Grabbed every single PA accessory pack apart from Limbo and the vault releases as I had those already. Real pain that we miss out on Frost Prime at the moment though. I still have my original Frost Prime all the way back from his first introduction.
  8. Valiant

    What Frame should get a second deluxe skin?

    Funny thing is that the colour scheme in this picture actually looks rather decent.
  9. Valiant

    The Steam Awards - Time to Vote

    See that's what I did, nothing appeared, even when I just used Digital. I'll just go back later.
  10. Valiant

    The Steam Awards - Time to Vote

    Went for labor of love too but couldn't seem to find de as a developer so gave up on that one.
  11. Funnily enough that's some of the discussions that were had at the time of warframe coming to consoles. It's also another reason people used to claim why DE moved away from nvidia effects/physics and to go for their own which seemed a rather lower quality one. Slightly changed since then but the difference was definitely noticeable in the time that followed.
  12. Shame you had to slightly touch the Lato Riven. I loved mine the way it was 😧
  13. Agree with the box on the helmet. At the moment it looks rather odd and as if it's just been plopped ontop.
  14. So glad that Nezha deluxe isn't a shinefest. Good job.
  15. Shows how much de are missing out by not allowing you guys to design more than just freakin' operator accessories. Not sure what difference it makes either, they don't produce as many cosmetics themselves anyways, let alone decent ones.