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  1. Well I remember when de were going to make scythes bigger and more like what was expected, albeit by making them heavy blades but 🤷‍♂️ Then that all changed.
  2. Good thing my WF hasn't been able to properly boot up for a month and still isn't able to...
  3. Well I'd just want to use it on Zephyr. The frame that was the first bird/air frame... That or she finally gets the alternative animations she deserves.
  4. Been having the same issue for a few days now. Restarting sometimes fixed it but that seems to be random as it wasn't definite. I tried a full reinstall of the game and my W10 and graphics drivers are up to date as well. Hasn't gone away. Can't work out why this has happened.
  5. I know I have two duplicate rivens for latron. Think one was geared for prime and the other wraith. I think part of me would like an increase in the limit just so i could potentially bring most weapons anywhere and increase stats I have interest in. Kinda think it should potentially increase when a new category is added but 🤷‍♂️. As op as it would be I'd love a wf and kubrow etc riven. My Frost prime demands it.
  6. Only thing I'm a bit sad about is missing out on Frost Prime and maybe one or two others? I, like many others, got him/them before a Prime Access/Prime Accessory even existed. But in order to even get one of these noggles we have to purchase an accessory pack or an access pack, when without doubt we already have said contents of the pack. It's not a big thing at all but it still doesnt mean it makes sense.
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